Friday, June 4

HP @ Midnight

Lisa and I were among the many who say Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban last night. We packed ourselves into a theater with a bunch of other people and waited for an hour for the movie to start. (They had overbooked the original auditorium so much they decided to use a second theater to play it as well.)

I know this might come as shock to some of you but I enjoyed the movie. It was worlds beyond the first two. The Kids can act in this movie and I think it's not so much fluff as the last two. At least this one didn't give me a reason to dislike it as much as I did HP2. I think the change in director's was a good thing.

It's supposed to be a kids movie but let me tell you I am surprised that one of the elements in the movie didn't give me bad dreams last night. Computer animation maybe getting TOO good. However the Hypogryph was amazingly animated and Gary Oldman did a great job as Sirus Black. Kind of wandering the line between making people wonder if he's a good guy or a bad guy.

Final outcome is that it is FAR more watchable than 1 and 2 combined.



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