Tuesday, March 29

In lieu of Benjamin

Hello World!

This is Lisa, Ben’s infamous fiancé. Since Ben posted a little something in my stead on my blog, I thought I’d do likewise on his.

Firstly, Ben today received an unheard of raise for somebody in his position. Apparently he’s irreplaceable in the tech-support department at SPU. I know he’s irreplaceable as my computer consultant. Without him, I’d be using a bleh-normal-expensivish computer instead of this beauty of hand-picked parts, designed to handle all of my extensive photoshopping/AutoCADing needs.

Ben is also delving into his new minor: “Classics”. With classes in Greek Lit, Latin III and Shakespeare, he’s incredibly cultural this quarter. His studies would fit right into turn of the century Oxford, in fact. Although then he’d be fixing magic lanterns instead of computers. Or something.

Over Spring break, Ben spent much time with my mother and I doing wedding planning. It has been said that all a groom must do is present himself on the day of the wedding, properly attired of course. But Ben is proving these old wife’s tales wrong. He has been just involved as I have in the decisions. Well, I did handle bridesmaid dresses and he flat out refused to go shoe-shopping with me, but on the other hand Ben designed the wedding website and is booking the honeymoon on his own. The website is lovely and I’m sure there will be many fond links to it in the future.

In his free time, Ben hosted a “Smallville” marathon, cruised around West Seattle, took his fiancé out to dessert, and teased both his younger sister and future sisters-in-law. Generally, he was a great guy who is now ready for all the challenges this quarter offers, by the grace of God in which we stand.


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  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Ben's new biographer seems to think he's quite the catch


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