Wednesday, March 9

You were late because of Pasta salad?!

Yes, I was 5 to 10 minutes late to Latin this morning because I got a hankering for Pasta salad. Not just any pasta salad mind you, but the stuff my mom makes. (Which can be hard to get this time of year because I am at SPU and mom is in Bellevue at work.) I contented myself with going to the grocery store to gather up all the needed items. (see comments about grocery store below) Which included: Round "twirly" (their word, not mine) pasta, italian dressing, tomatoes, red onion, olives, feta and motzerella cheese and peperoni. Combined together once the pasta was cooked and then added italian dressing to the mix and BAM! you're got some great Pasta salad. I underestimated the time however and ended up being a little later. However the pasta salad was wonderful.

Safeway: Top of Queen Anne Hill: Wow. I was asked if I needed help finding anything 5 (five!) times. And not in the "Can I help you find anything?" Tone of voice that says they DON'T want to help you either. They were al very nice and helpful and I will be returning there for other groceries in the future BECAUSE of how nice they were. (Usually finding a clerk in a grocery store is pretty hard, they were begging to help here, and then backed off when you said you were doing ok!) I liked it.

One more set of classes before the quarter is over. Finals next week, and then, blessed spring break!



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