Friday, April 22

An Aside from the usual...

It's funny, I've taken the time now that I am older, to browse through the music that some of my peers were listening to when I was younger, and even the stuff people have been listening to for a long time that I have never heard much of. Here are my thoughts:

Aerosmith - I can't help but thinking about the size of Steven Tyler's mouth. (Somewhat noticable on his "Elfin" daughter Liv Tyler (of Arwen fame- Lord of the Rings)as well)
Metallica - I think they really like the sound of their guitars, and decided to add some edgy lyrics for the heck of it. However, listening to this stuff makes me realize why (with a sampling of Metallica) people would call "Rock and Roll" Evil. (It is my expirence that WhiteHeart was an attempt at a Christian answer to Metallica.)
Jimi Hendrix - I'm sorry, I can't help thinking I want to avoid this stuff because the amount of drugs he was taking might seep through the music. (Good guitar riffs, but a little too... strange for my taste.)
KISS - "Highly theatrical face painter and metal mongers KISS played cheez-whiz rock and roll..." - HAHA. Good thing I no longer work anywhere where I would be in a place to sell this stuff. HOw on earth do people take this band seriously? Is where some of the sterotypical 80's "rock band" came from? I can't image spending any more time listening to this. (I always thought they would be a lot heavier considering their makeup.)
Bon Jovi - Hair comes to mind. Lots of long blonde poof-ed up hair. However he seems to have made a more recent come-back that doesn't sound so "Hair-Band-esk". Mostly love type songs. An interesting sound. I have always been a fan of the more "soaring" guitar work.
Guns N' Roses - Aside from the stuff probably everyone has heard ("Knockin' on Heaven's Door" (A movie staple)) I really can't stand William Baily's voice. (AKA: Axel Rose)
Van Halen - I hate to say this TWICE in one blog entry but, HAHA. Half the time with these older songs it's just that they sound so silly when they are trying to be serious.

Maybe I'm asking for trouble when I post something like this from people who might enjoy this music, but I don't think I really missed anything. (NOTE: This is a small sampling of a couple artists that I have never really listened to before. The service I was using didn't have any Led Zeppelin, so I can't comment on that "classic". Then there is always people like U2 which have some greater older stuff.)

I'll gladly take suggestions for things I might have missed or things you'd like to hear my take on. (I really wish I could listen to music for a job... =)

It's funny though, looking back the things I said above, I think I could almost apply those comments (and much worse) to what I think of RAP and R&B.



  1. Actually Whiteheart was formed in response to a group called Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Although I think it would be safe to say that Whiteheart was also formed too be the christian answer to that kind of music in general.

    I haven't heard any original Led Zeppelin, but let me tell you, the Hampton String Quartet (A cello,a viola, and two violins) does some awesome orchestrations of their songs.

  2. I know I'm going to offend some people here, family and good friends, but R&B and Rap are right up there w/ Country in my book.

    Interesting that you "took on" those artists. What service was it you were using to hear them?

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Ok, when I say this I can't say as I endorse the company, but honestly REAL did something right. RealRhapsody is really easy to use and it's like Radio on demand. I know Napster does pretty much the same thing, but I can't stand Napster, so Real is the lesser of those evils. (Plus REAL got in trouble with Apple for reverse engineering the iPod, I admire that... =) )



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