Sunday, April 24

An offer in the springtime rings...

...And by Memorial day a Condo springs!

All this, in a medieval-money fashion bit of poetry, to say that Lisa and I put an offer in on a condo yesterday evening! We're both pretty excited about it. It's a wee bit tricky though because we're trying to rent the condo 2 months before our mortgage would go through. (We'll know pretty soon if that'll fly or not) But we put in an offer at the full price the people wanted for it just so that they might be more inclined to let us rent it beforehand.

Now I know you're all curious about the details so here it is: It's in Bellevue on 148th, a little past Microsoft Studios (if you know where that is) and South of the Pro Club. Lisa and I really like the place and we feel it will be conducive to living in for the next couple of years. It's 800sqft has 3 windows and 1 sliding glass door, (so as to get lots of light) washer and dryer in the unit (look at me sounding all real-estate-esk), a nice sized kitchen with good countertops. A fireplace a living room and a dining room, and 1 bedroom. Overall a very nice place. (However we told them to remove the refrigerator because when we opened it up it smelled something awfully fishy, so Lisa and I get to go refrigerator shopping if we get the place!)

My thanks go out to Linnea Jones for her help in guiding us around the tricky world of Real Estate. (Which I hear gets trickier at this point.)

Thought you all might want to know!
It is possible I will have a place to live for a couple months after SPU lets out!


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