Friday, June 24

I'll keep it shot...

Or short. Either one.

After 2.5 weeks of waiting for DSL, I will go home tonight and find a little box sitting on my doorstep waiting for me to plug it in and then connect to the 3mbps speed that awaits me! (That is 2x's the speed of a T1 line BTW) Needless to say I'm excited!

Today is Tara's 21st birthday party, so Lisa and I and Tara and a few other people are going out tonight to help her celebrate. (TGI Fridays if you're curious)

Life has been pretty busy. The summer job is going well. It's nice to be wanted. Wedding plans seem to be moving along at a nice pace as well. And that's all I've got time for here at work. More updates, I'm sure, when I get my computer setup.


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