Thursday, June 16

Sure, why not?

Monday Dad and I escaped the goings on at the family home by doing some manly things. We went and had BBQ at the "Wildfire Grill", and let me tell you, it was WILD! Ok... maybe not, but the food was pretty good. (NOTE: I wouldn't know "Good" BBQ if it came up and introduced itself, I grew up in Cali and moved to WA, not a lot of room for excellent BBQ.)

Tuesday night I spent at home and Wednesday night Beth and I went out to dinner (I missed her graduation on account of Dan's wedding) and then caught "Batman Begins" following a great Thai dinner. I must say that Batman Begins is the best Batman movie to date. It's a little more "realistic" than the other ones. Yet it still maintains it comic book feel without wandering into the land of make-believe.

Tonight is Lisa's graduation dinner and her folks are taking us out to Daniel's Broiler. Should be fun.

Today marks 30 days until my wedding! Speaking of Weddings Dan's went well, it was smaller than ours will be, but it was nice. I think Lisa and I took some things away from it on how to make things run a little more smoothly, but they are married now. (I would assume happily.)

Ok, back to work I go!


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  1. Cool, that wedding's approaching fast! BTW: how's the new job going?


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