Friday, February 3

Mambo, played backwards...

This week started out rough. Monday afternoon I got a migraine where I lost my vision. (Good ole Bessler Migraines) I haven't had one of those in a LONG time. The headache stayed over until Wednesday morning. POtentially making it one of the longest headaches I have ever had. The "positive" side to this migraine thing is that I think I found another migraine trigger. Red food-dye. Too much equals loss of vision! Live and learn! My things to avoid list now looks like:
Red Dye #42

So that can be broken down into "Tropical", "Fake", and "Fake". Guava, not too hard to not eat, just avoid certain juices. MSG, a little more difficult; avoid Taco Bell and Berger King and certain Asian food places. Red Dye... avoid bright red colored foods. Check. I'm on my way to being migraine free!

The superbowl XXXX this weekend huh... Seahawks (who could have seen that coming?) and the Steelers. But if I say anything more about this I will loose my license to call this a geek blog. I'll be hanging out at Lisa's parents place, hopefully with food, and with someone (her Father) who understand football. (YAY!! Wait... was that good? Ok... YAY!!)

Now I'm off to type up an essay on Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. (The movie, not the book.)



  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    ... is Obmam.


  2. Ben... I think it's ok for Washington geeks to be into the superbowl this year. I've been loyally aware of the Seahawks since the mid 80's!

    I am thinking of watching the game here, if we can find a pub that will show it...

    Football is the one with the little green ball, right? I was thinking of ordering a Seahawks racket to show my pride...

  3. Crazy! I just had to write a paper on Frankenstein the movie too! How weird is that?

    What class is it for?

  4. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Film Art. The Kenneth Branagh version? What did you write on?



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