Tuesday, March 13

Speaking of Bananas...

Sunday night I was making fruit salad and as I was cutting up a banana I got to thinking: "A banana might be really interesting if it were fried up in some sort of batter with a bit of powdered sugar on it or something like that." I mentioned this to Lisa and she agreed it sounded interesting but I figured that she figured that I wouldn't pull the resources together to pull it off. She might have been right, HOWEVER...

Last night we went out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant and as we were selecting the items that would grace our plate Lisa stumbled upon the dessert menu. A few items down (under the fried cookie dough ice-cream) was, "Fried Bananas". I was excited and at the end of our meal we ordered them. They were fried in a batter that made them look a little like a corn dog. (Roughly the same shape as well) Always a fan of things fried in batter I was anxious to see what they tasted like. (Having thought of doing the same thing not 24 hours earlier filled me with excitement, it was all the adventure of cooking without having to do the work (dishes) myself.) The bananas came with a little bowl of honey as well. I ladled myself a healthy amount of honey over one of my new fried friends and cut into it with my fork. Steam poured out, apparently they were fresh, and I blew a little air into the hole my utensil had created. After a couple more blows for good measure, and an unburned mouth, I lifted the golden scrap to my mouth and bit down.The first thing I tasted was hot. (So much for not burning my mouth) After a couple intakes of air I could taste the banana. It was like a softer, yet more crunchy version of banana bread. It was wonderful... especially if I kept thinking about it as being like banana bread, and not considering the fact that this was probably how those large Goliath beetles probably taste.

So my adventure with fried bananas has been fulfilled. I have 3 in the fridge and we'll see how they taste cold. Truly this is a wonderful world we live in. (Hmmm... battered and fried apple slices?)



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