Wednesday, April 4

RIP School Loan

"Many of you will have a longer relationship with your student loan company than you had with Seattle Pacific University." This was a quote delivered to a room of 25 graduating seniors as a representative from Sallie Mae detailed the levels of options we have for paying them back the cash that they had so wonderfully loaned us. With their payment plan I was looking at paying an extra couple thousand dollars to the ten plus thousand dollar I already owed. That, needless to say, was not going to happen.

I am proud to say that as of yesterday my school loans have been paid off, and Sallie Mae made roughly about 120 bucks off of my loan vs the couple thousands of dollars they originally planned to squeeze out of me. My encouragement to those of you that have student loans: make the effort to get them paid off. It feels good when they are gone. (As is probably the case with any large debt)



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