Wednesday, April 4

2 years in the making...

Maybe it's the way of "home improvement" to always have a list of things as long as your arm that "need" to get done but end up not happening until it NEEDS to get done. In our case Lisa and I were told by the home inspector who checked over our condo that the dishwasher had less than 6 months left to live. Considering it had already powered through 25 years we thought it would be fine and dishwashers are relatively cheap and save a lot of time. Thus we decided to buy a dishwasher... 2 years ago. Guess what we did last night? That's right, we bought a dishwasher. Why? Because the one we had decided to "give up the ghost" finally and instead of cleaning the dishes it simply reorganizes the dirt on them. ("Wow... thats some nice grime and oil you've got on that plate. However you can barely see it there. I've got some prime real-estate on a clear glass on the shelf up above. Interested?")

We also looked into new doors for the condo (white vs the current dark brown that adds to the "hobbit hole" feel that my wife and I currently enjoy), new white moulding for the condo. (Once again, dark brown is so "hole") This is an attempt to spend 1k on fixing up the condo so we can end up making much more than that when it sells. It's the old game of "Gosh doesn't this look pretty and isn't it worth far more than someone should pay for a place to live?"



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