Tuesday, April 3

Not so strange...

This past weekend I drove up to Canada (ug) picked up my sister and came rushing back into the good-ole US of A. We had plans for Saturday: We were going to go see Dave Kellett at the Emerald City Comic Convention.

Most of my internet browsing life I've heard of such things as Comic Book conventions. But I've never been to one and I kind of expected to see a bunch of strange people in strange costumes. Honestly the only costumes we saw were from the 501st. The 501st is a Star Wars type club, where they dress up like Imperial Storm Troopers and what-not. They are nation wide.

Meeting my favorite comic artist in person was a good experience. Dave Kellett seems like the kind of guy that I would enjoy hanging out with and he shares a sense of humor not too different from my own. Dave drew us some pictures on the spot and then Beth and I wandered around and then wandered back to where Dave was and talked a bit more. A part of me is always afraid that the cartoonist whose work I enjoy and support will be a jerk, or a recluse, or generally not friendly. Not the case in Dave's case. Very friendly, chatty and eager to draw us large pictures of our favorite characters. (See picture)

I am a little sad to report the only really "strange" thing I saw all day was a guy hug Boba Fett. We're not talking small quick like, "you're really cool" type hug. This was the hug of one person consoling another. The kind of "I'm sorry about what happened to your dad, err you, or umm your clone. It'll be ok." Type hug.

My first comic convention and it wasn't even that strange. Odds are good as well that there were just as many females there as males.

Did I mention Lisa and I are moving?


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  1. Hey everyone, click on the 'I' of the 'Imperial Storm Troopers' link! tee hee

    - la hermana


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