Sunday, May 20

Amazing Grace

I wish people were at church all the time. Then I could go and hang out there and worship God and pray with people and all the time. Sunday's are great for this but sadly enough today I didn't have very much energy. Lisa and I went to church but we only went to one service and I had to beat a hasty restreat because I was feeling light headed.

Lots of promises from people to visit me this week however. I do enjoy the visits from people. I wanted to publically thanks Raeleen and Andy Shepard here for their support while I was in the hospital and even yesterday. They were in the hospital every day I was there and they brought food and helped Lisa out. Rae came over yesterday and helped Lisa clean up the condo a bit while Andy helped me make sure my 360 was still working. It's examples of people like that that get me chocked up when I am at church and other places with people. I'm not sad at the moment for what's happening to me, I'm just really, really touched and humbled by all the support.

In other news my body has started to lie to me a little more. Last night I spent more than a couple hours in the bathroom because my body kept saying that I really needed to go. (I didn't) Also I don't feel hungry, but I know I need to eat. I have minor pains that flash through my body and what not that I don't pay much mind.

Thanks to everyone again for their support. Hospital visits or emails or phone calls are all great. Lisa and I have treasured all the help. I don't know what has in mind for all this, but I know that he's touched ME greatly via all your generosities. I still covet your prayers! We need prayer for daily strength, that we keep our eyes on God, for wisdom, for healing, for God's Glory to Magnifiy because of this.

Thanks be to God, for all of you and His many mercies.



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