Sunday, May 20

The times they are a chang'n

I am struggling right now with all the changes that are going on in my life. All of them are things that I have caused but don't have any effect over. Today the wonderful person who will be taking care of Niko long term swung by and picked him up. I think that hit me harder than almost anything that has changed so far. Granted we haven't had that little bird very long and he'll be living at the church, but it's just another change.

Lisa has told me that the changes are all ok and that they are going to be good. God has blessed us with so many people who are willing to help us sometimes it just makes me want to cry.

This isn't easy. I feel like I'm going to need this all to let up at some point. Yes God is my rock and my shelter, but how long is this storm going to last? I feel like it's probably just blowing in. Thank you all again for your support. My wonderful wife and I need it a lot right now.



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