Thursday, May 17

When hiccups call your name

Written this morning at 9am:

An interesting side effect of all this so far is that when they started giving me chemo I started getting hiccup attacks. Lasting from 5 to 40 minutes and generally when I move. Very annoying.
The people here have been very nice. I've been getting lots of visitors as well. I am fine w/ people coming to visit me. I welcome the company.
God has put me in a good place right now. Don't stop the email, comments, or prayers! (need prayers for strength and rest).
Love you all,



  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I am praying for you every day as I ride to and from work on the bus. Not quite as classy as "Over the Butte for Ben" but I am committed to daily "Sitting on my butt on the bus for Ben"...
    Mare Sullivan

    I still chuckle at your watch alarm "accidentally" going off during Ian & Katie's wedding.

    God bless!

  2. Anonymous8:15 PM

    This was a tough day for Ben. He talked about the hiccups in his writing, but these are none like I've ever experienced. They are deep, painful, and extremely tiring. The nurse gave him some medicine for them around 4, and by 7:15 they hadn't returned. Ben is pretty exhausted tonight.

    The other problem with the chemo is heartburn. The combination of this and the hiccups has really kept Ben from eating much of anything today. Please ask the Lord to give Ben continued relief from both of these problems, so that he'll be able to eat. The hospital staff today didn't seem too concerned that he wasn't eating, but a nurse the other night told me he should not lose any weight. (I really don't understand why the medical community doesn't see a correlation between nutrition and health...but don't get me started...)

    It seems to me that Ben needs a day off from visitors on Friday. However, if you're considering visiting tomorrow (Friday), I would recommend calling Ben first and see how he's feeling.

    Thank you so much for your prayers,

    Jenifer Morrell


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