Saturday, June 16

The thrush don't sing

Another from Lisa (wish it was Ben-- that would mean he was home!)

He's still in the hospital. The times I saw him yesterday he was more alert, with his eyes open and brain clicking along, but he tongue was giving him troubles. He has thrush, a yeast infection in his mouth, somewhat typical for chemo patients. It's painful enough that he can't eat or talk much, but the nurses I talked to kinda shrugged and said, "We've seen much worse." Ewww... that's not a happy thought!

In other news, Ben's good friend Ian flew over from Massachussetts to spend the week with Ben. Yesterday morning Ben called me, and I could tell something was really upsetting him, so I rushed over to the hospital. His eyes were red and teary when I walked in and sat down to see what he was thinking. Well, it turns out that he was just incredibly touched by what Ian did :) So thank you Ian, and thank you Katie for letting Ben have him all week! It meant a lot to us. We really didn't know how much people cared about us until now.


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