Thursday, June 14

At the Group Health Eastside hospital

A quick note from Lisa:

Ben was overnight in the hospital. A different one! We're sampling all the local hospitals! He had a fever yesterday, so we took him to the ER where they gave him some drugs and told him his whites have crashed again. The drugs made him feel better, but he still has to stay until either the fever or blood improves. We also found out that he's anemic now. It's not surprising that we haven't realized this on our own-- the main symptom for anemia is fatigue, and that's easily masked by the chemo exhaustion.
I'm off to visit. Hopefully he'll be home again soon...

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  1. Just think--when this is all done, you guys can make millions on the book you write. It could be called "Northwest Hospitals" or "Best Places to Lose Sleep" or ???. You can talk about which nurses are the best, which rooms have the best view (or which ones COULD have the best view if only the bed was facing a different way), which food is stellar (or not...). The possibilities are endless!


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