Saturday, February 16

A bird in the shower...

It's been a while since Niko has had a shower and I think sometimes he gets fussy the longer he goes without a bath. So this afternoon after Lisa and I moved some furniture around (well, Justin and Lisa moved furniture, I moved little things that I could actually lift...) I stuck Niko in the shower on his little "shower perch".

He must really like the acoustics in the bathroom, or else he REALLY likes water. He hasn't made so much noise since coming home from his little travels. All sorts of whistles, squeaks and tweets. It almost sounds like we have a jungle soundtrack running in the background while we work. Water falling and exotic, tropical bird sounds to accompany it.

Our "dinning room" has gotten more stuff in it. (Table, etc) And the configuration moved around a bit, but that allowed us to open up our "living room" area so where is now much more space to "entertain" and have people over without them feeling like we have to sit around the dinning room table. Thanks again for the help of a friend (Justin) for that.

I'm going to go dry the bird off now. Energy level continues to rise, still need prayer support. Blood test on Tuesday to see where things are at. Thanks for the prayers!



  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    We definitely have you in our prayers. The both of you. How cute about your bird.
    Jessie Tripp

  2. Sounds like it's a lot easier to give a parrot a bath than a cat or dog (at least the ones I've had). Will be praying for you and the blood test results.

  3. I had no idea birds liked taking showers! Crazy.


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