Friday, February 15

Approaching recovery, gate 5

Even though it was hardly what I would call a "busy" day I did spend a good seven and a half hours at work today. On top of that when I got home tonight I cooked dinner and I'm not feeling overly tired at the moment. I think the 6 days I spent at home were probably pretty good for my body.

I'm going to take it pretty easy this weekend, but don't know why I won't be able to swing a full week next week. (Pretty exciting!)

Tonight Katie came over and she ate the food I had made and seems to be ok. Then we watch the original "Thomas Crown Affair" (with Steve McQueen) and now they (Lisa and Katie) are playing DDR on the Xbox 360. (Last time I pulled a muscle in my leg and hurt for 3 days afterwards. So I'm going to wait until my calorie intake is a little higher and I can afford to burn that energy.)

Lisa and I are planning on moving the furniture around tomorrow as well with the help of a good friend. (Justin) Hopefully make this place a little more entertaining friendly. We'll find a configuration that works for us eventually... I mean after almost 3 years you get to know a space and figure out what you want to do with it.

A happy birthday to Ryan as well today. My partner in crime. Hope you have a great weekend!


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