Thursday, February 28

Play Date

Yesterday Lisa dropped me off at work (Taproot) and I worked 10 hours! Then she showed up, we had dinner, and took in the Wednesday evening show. It was a long day, possibly the longest day I have had in a very long time. However if I work around 7 hours tomorrow, I will have worked 40 hours this week! This will be the first time since May that I will have worked a 40 hour week!

I am really glad and I am praising God that I have been able to get back to work like this. Granted my blood counts are all low right now, but they are rising and life is continuing. It's exciting. Lisa and I are heading up to the Island for the weekend as a kind of retreat and I think it will be nice to relax after my first 40 hour week in more than 9 months!

Lisa is feeling better today, and yesterday didn't seem so rough for her either. Also in the prayer/ praise department Lisa's cousin Julie had surgery this morning to remove the cancer from her lymph nodes and breast. From the report the surgery went well and they got everything they could see. The baby is also doing well and she'll be staying overnight for observation. Sounds like we also get to stay with them on the way home from our road trip. I hope we can encourage one another and have a great time together. Keep praying for the both of us and healing!

Follow up appointment with the radiologist next Wednesday.

Bed time! Thanks for the wonderful support!


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  1. We need to reschedule our hangout time. I'll be in Silverdale tomorrow until the evening, but should be available Sunday through Friday next week.

    Glad you're working full-time (in the literal sense) again! :)


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