Monday, March 3

A Break from Bellevue

This weekend saw Lisa and I on "the island". Namely closer to Coopville than I typically reside. The great thing about this weekend was that it was the Muscle Festival. This, fortunately, was not the kind of muscle that one might find on, say a cow, or a chicken, no no. This was the kind of muscle one might dredge out of the sea or scrape off the hull of ones boat.

I thought it would have been horribly funny to get together a group a semi-buff looking guys who would have stood around on the corner of that little town in speedos and flexed their muscles. As it was low to mid forties this would have been slightly more funny, but it didn't happen. The muscles at the muscle festival didn't come off. I err, cough cough, WOULD have done it had I any muscle on me at the moment, but as it is I look like I might break if the wind blew too hard.

Anyway, or either way as the case might be, we had a relaxing weekend by the water. Lisa and I marveled at how much quieter it was there that in our little condo. We thought, was it the people continually walking over our heads, flushing things, draining things, and dropping things that made the noise we hear so often at home? Was it the cars driving by at 30 MPH in a 10 MPH zone? Perhaps it was the fire-station less than a block away? The new bass speaker the upstairs neighbor has? Possibly the cat that sounds like an elephant upstairs? The occasional barking neighbor dogs? We determined that the lack of all that at the "Island house" is what contributes to us enjoying it as much as we do.

All these things also made us look forward to the possibility of someday having a place to call our own that didn't have the aforementioned "volume creators". I personally vote for the "out in the middle of no where" set of housing... don't know if that'll happen or not.

Doctor's visit this week. Time for the radiologist to take a look at me and say, "Wow... you need to gain some weight!" Yes, thank you, I am working on that.

I have a confession as well, recently in my "down times" or if my mind starts to wander I find myself dreading my upcoming appointment in April with the Oncologist. Is the cancer gone? Will I be forced to start this horrible process all over again? Sometimes I feel like I just don't want to know. But reminding myself that God is in control is pretty much what gets me through those times. It's scary not being in control and having something so very close to remind you of that.

Lisa and I are on the mend. I'm getting blood drawn tomorrow so we can see how much they have gone up in a week. I am feeling more lively so I am willing to guess they have gone up a fair amount. I shall keep you posted!



  1. That would be a "Mussel." :)

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Ahhh, that would be why no one was flexing...


  3. Anonymous10:59 AM


    I think you have another career in the making - columnist - you have a way with words (and humor) in the midst of big challenges. I'm sure others would find your reflections a welcome relief during their struggles. Thanks for being honest - for keeping those of us who love you informed of your journey. We continue to pray for you and Lisa down here on campus. Wish we could see you on your road trip - but, alas, we'll be on the 101 and you on the 5.

    __Uncle Mick__


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