Wednesday, March 5

Blood and a Radiologist

Yesterday I had my blood drawn for the first time in a week. Everything is trending upwards... just not very quickly. The "goal" for normal platelets is 150. I went from 27 last week to 33 this week. Going up slowly.

Each day is better than the day before it though. I am getting stronger on a daily basis and I can feel it. This evening I have an appointment with the Radiologist as a "follow up" visit. I don't know what I am expecting from a "follow up" visit, but it still kind of freaks me out. I don't know if the trepidation from going to the doctor will EVER go away.

Plans for going to California in a few weeks are proceeding. I ordered up some "Trip Tiks" from AAA, I'll be firing up the GPS for the laptop, and making sure we have everyone's addresses and everyone knows what day we are coming.

Lisa's been having some continued eye issues as of late, the "worst" option could be that she can't wear contacts. (Which she is bummed out about) Continue to pray for my health, I am trending upwards, but still susceptible to all sorts of things. Also I would like some prayer for my weight as well. It still has yet to crest over where I was before radiation, even though I have been eating a lot and lifting more things lately. Also pray for the plans of a vacation (to Cali) that those will work and we won't have to stay home for some reason.



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  1. You know, in the scheme of things, you've never been very comfortable with doctor visits. One of those "fear of the unknown" things as a child. Now you have a very justified "fear of the known." Dad and I are praying for peace for your heart throughout the days to come.

    I've had a few people willing to make weight donations to your cause...such generosity!



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