Thursday, March 6

Radiation is a warm puppy...

Something tells me that the warmth and joy expressed in Charles Schultz's book, "Happiness is a Warm Puppy" is lost in my title. Radiation might indeed be "warm" but it's not exactly the puppy lov'n kind of warmth one might expect.

I was informed yesterday at the meeting with the Radiologist that the kind of radiation I was put through was, "One of the roughest we do here." Oh... great. (This might also explain the glowing at night and/ or the low platelet count.)

Anyway, they poked me and prodded me yesterday and looked me over and said, "You are looking good!" Patted me on the head, told me to gain weight and sent me home. (With blessing to go on a road trip in the middle of the month.)

Lisa is at the women's retreat this weekend so I'm not quite sure what my weekend will look like. It's all the excitement of being a bachelor again, only the fridge will be better stocked. (And I won't feel bad about taking in too many Calories as I need them.)

Oh and thanks to the people who have volunteered some of their daily Calorie intake for my sake. Not sure we can share that but thanks for the offer non-the-less.

Thanks as well for the continued prayers.



  1. You and Dad can get together and watch guy movies or something. As of this morning ("yes, Lord, I did hear you..."), I'm also going to the Women's Retreat this weekend. You can come over and help Dad mow the lawn or get your warm puppy fix with Chloe.

    Happy Baching Days!

  2. Hey Ben, I'm glad to hear that you are on the up and up! Well, I'm heading over to ELlensburg this weekend, so I can't really help with making your weekend more exciting, unless you want to drive over and have some AMAZING hot wings at Wings Central...
    Well, I'll be in meetings all day if you want to send me emails to keep me awake!
    Your Brother

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    sounds like the doc. appt. was matter of fact appt. sorry to hear that you got the "roughest" radiation treatment. my suggestion to gain weight is comfort food and milkshakes. have a fun weekend.

  4. Funny, you're having a bachelor weekend... today me and a bunch of friends watched all 5 1/2 hours of the A&E Pride and Prejudice. Good stuff, great girly stuff... there were two guys there for a few hours, but they couldn't take it for too long. :P

    Enjoy the man-ness...


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