Sunday, March 9

Another Blog Entry: Spring Forward Edition

Yesterday was surprisingly low-key. (I think after 2.5 years of marriage I had envisioned bachelor-hood as some kind of crazy and magical thing. Alas, the dishes still needed to get done, laptops needed to get fixed, and the bird needed to get hosed down.) All that to say that I really didn't do anything crazy (like stay up gaming all night long, play rock music (that Lisa doesn't like (Petra, Whiteheart, the good "old" stuff)) loudly, or sit quietly and finish that novel I've been working on.) but it did make me realize something: When it's just me at home, I can hear the upstairs neighbors a lot. Walking accross the floor, closing doors, dropping 500lb metal pots on the floor, etc. All much more noticeable than when Lisa is around. (Odds are good that this is why I like getting away to "The Island" as much as I do because it's so wonderfully quiet.)

We're less than a week out from our road trip and it looks like we'll get the complete run of weather. Snowing in Bend, Oregon (next weekend) and then sunny and low to mid-70's in LA. It'll be funny because here it's been getting into the low 50's and I've been thinking, "Wow... getting nice and warm here!" I can't imagine what it'll be like to be 20 degrees warmer.

Medically the trip has been blessed by everyone that has a say in if I am well enough to travel or not, so that is a happy thing. I've really been praying for this trip actually that God would use the time we have with folks down in Oregon and CA to do some good reconnecting and... well whatever He wants us to accomplish while we are there.

I appreciate the continued support from you all, Lisa and I are looking forward to this trip and plan to hopefully keep this blog updated while we're out and about. Please pray for safe travels and that my health continues to improve.



  1. The temperature in S CA will seem strange--if it is in the low 70's it will feel about the same as here in the 50's. Has something to do w/ humidity and the ocean, but I'm not sure what...

    I hope Lisa had as great a time at theh retreat as I did!


  2. Near work last week I crested a hill and saw this cloud of fog and "gloom" around Marina Del Rey. It seemed to be about 5 to 10 miles wide and a few miles deep. It sat right over where I work and where Jane and I are going to live.

    While most people would look on this sight and become depressed my spirits were lifted up and I thought of Bellevue.

    Oh and as for "batch-ing" it. I tried the crazy bachelor things while Jane was gone partially because I had just started the swing shift. I don't know if I would recommend it...a lot of running around for not much benefit.



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