Monday, February 25

A surprising evening

Last evening Lisa and I had plans on going to our friends house for dinner. Little did we know we were stepping into a surprise party. Our small group threw us a "Congratulations you're done with cancer treatments" party last night. It was fun to get to hang out with everyone and talk about all sorts of things. We also took some time in the evening to kind of "debrief" with the group on some of the spiritual lessons that we have learned so far and what that has meant to everyone in our small group. It's always humbling to me to hear how God worked through me to touch someone else's life.

In other news Lisa and I are deep into the planning of our California road trip. I think we pretty much have everything locked in for the seemingly small amount of time we have to spend with everyone we want to see. I'm looking forward to some time "on the road" and traveling to see things I haven't seen in a while and to spend some time with friends and family I haven't seen in a while. Lisa has kicked around a goal to take 1 picture every hour of our trip (minus sleeping time), I think that would be pretty cool, and fun to show off in a slide show. (This is what we were doing every hour of the trip!)

I have a goal of working a full week of work this week... but we'll see how that goes. Lisa had to come home a little early because she was feeling pretty crummy. Hopefully she won't be sick this week. (Or this upcoming weekend)

Thank you all for your continued support!



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