Wednesday, March 26

Coming down?

The redness has gone down a bit on the shingles. I was just telling Lisa that my skin feels like it has been burned and the muscles under it feel like they've been pulled. I was up out of bed today before 11am, and while I retired to bed for a bit today, I didn't actually nap. I am hoping to get to bed soon (making for a somewhat short day...) to make up for the lack of napping today.

Lisa made it home about 9:30 last night. We staid up talking about what I had missed on the rest of the trip until late at night and then we both went to bed. It's good to have her back. Unfortunately I feel like I could do with more vacation, and also unfortunately it is going to be the kind that I have gotten used to these past few months. The "sit around the house and heal" type. Guess my body isn't ready for the "go out and see people" type as of yet.

I am looking forward to forthcoming warm weather though. That was something I very much enjoyed in California. (Having lost as much weight as I have and having such a problem getting it back makes getting and keeping myself warm more difficult than it used to be, so any additional help I can get from those rays of sunshine I will take at this point. (We can cap it at lower than 85 though... no need to be excessive...)

Lisa and I still have the free trip from the timeshare presentation we went to so assuming my health is well we're going to try to go down to Cali for a few days in something like September or October. Maybe wrap up some of the trip we missed this time around. (Minus hours of driving)

Sounds like Lisa got back to work just in time as things were boiling over without her. (Seems to be that would be a sign to hire someone else, but hey, I just fix the computers...) They were all very happy to see her back early today.

I guess my "job" for this week will be to put together some sort of video collection of some of the pictures we took on the trip so you all can see them. (If you want to)

As always, thank you for the continued prayers and support. I'll sitting on my inbox if you feel like writing me any emails...



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