Thursday, March 27

The Shingles Saga

(Title goes out to Amy)

Everyday of this saga is a little better than the day before it. Today the deeper pain I have been feeling has started to creep closer to the surface so it's more of a "skin pain" and less of a muscle/ nerve pain. Mobility is returning.

I think the bird is happy to have us home again. He doesn't seem to be able to grasp the "don't walk on Ben" thing we keep telling him though so he's had to stay off me. (Little bird talons digging into my bubbly red skin isn't what I had in mind for getting better.)

Tomorrow I'll be working on the pictures from the trip a little more seriously as I think I'll be able to sit for a decent amount of time. If nothing else I should be able to slid-show a couple of them for you to see. (At least a few of the favorites, or the ones in a "series")

A big thanks to Gary Massingill (my father in law) for flying down and helping Lisa drive back home. I was glad she didn't have to do it alone. A big thanks to everyone who continues to pray for us as well. We're getting better and stronger day by day.

Praise the Lord.


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  1. Hey, you could go hang out in a shingles bar, or do the shingles scene....of course, though, you're not shingle anymore....


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