Tuesday, March 25

Home a little early

Didn't expect to be seeing the inside of my condo this evening a week ago. I had envisioned being at Disneyland tonight. (Oh well, that's money saved) I'm headed home after spending a very nice couple of days at my parents house. I doubt I would have starved had I been home alone, but odds are good I wouldn't have eaten hardly anything. (Uncooked rice is kind of hard on the teeth anyway)

Last I talked to Lisa she was in the Portland area and heading my way. This cancer, and related issues, has really taught me a lot about a subject I already thought I knew a lot about: flexibility. People are amazingly flexy, the alternative, really, is snapping like a dried twig. You never really get to see how much you can "bend" until God sends stuff your way that you don't think you could ever handle.

Also the more we stretch and flex the more we CAN stretch and flex, so what seemed like something really tough and difficult before becomes something we have already been through or gone past. Of course I doubt that going through another round of chemo, surgery, and radiation would be easy now, but the idea of having cancer is a little more... settled(?) than it was a year ago.

I want to encourage you, no matter what you feel like you're being "bent" through right now to stay strong and no matter what remember that God loves you, and He is the only one that can see the full plan that is best for us and those around us.



  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Hi Ben. Robb and I are totally feeling the bending thing in our first few months of marriage. Yours and Lisa's struggles and triumphs have been truly inspiring to us. We are praying for you guys each day. Disappointing that your trip didn't pan out your way, but God is good and has an ultimately awesome plan.

    In Christ,

  2. I'm glad you blog, Ben. You're very encouraging.

  3. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Good words. Praying for you guys to return to "normality" soon.

  4. You can actually cook that rice before you eat it.

    Ed <><


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