Monday, March 24

Another day in bed

The pain pills I sucked down on Saturday night seemed to have taken the edge off of the pain and itching I was going through (making me feel crazy). I haven't taken any pain meds since noon on Sunday. Of course I spent a lot of the day yesterday in bed and today as well. I think I finally rolled out of bed around 1, made myself lunch and watched the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring. Then it was back to bed for some more lay-down time.

There hasn't been much pain the past day and a half or so as I mentioned above, but it sure has drained a lot of energy from me. Didn't think I'd be spending so much "quality" time in bed this week. (Or anytime soon actually)

Lisa and her dad should be hitting Sacramento sometime soon and they are going to have dinner with all the family up there. I am sad to miss them all, but obviously I don't have control over things like this. Tomorrow they are going to make the Sacramento to Seattle run in one day. Should take them somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 hours.

Thank you for all the prayers for healing for me. I really appreciate it. Yesterday when my grandmother was over she took to calling me "Job" I appreciate the sentiment, but there is a LOT of stuff Job went through that I REALLY do not want to go through. For this fact I am glad God promises to never give us more than we can bear... makes me kind of impressed He's trusted me with so much thus far. I wonder what He wants me to do with it?

Pray for a safe trip for Lisa tomorrow!



  1. Thank you Ben for your attitude with all this, it's a great example! Our family loved your comment about this being the "shingle worse pain that you have ever experienced". Take care Ben. Lord bless, The Graham Family

  2. A dear mutual friend of ours believes that the statement "God never gives us more than we handle" cannot be substantiated in Scripture. God DOES give us way more than we can handle because His goal for us is total dependence on Him.

    Many, many folks have asked me today about how you are doing. After seeing your blisters yesterday, I tell them it is a TOTAL grace of God that you are not reeling in pain. The relief He is giving you is nothing but miraculous. Don't forget to give Him much thanks for that!!!

    Owen Hollingsworth this morning told me to, "Never ask 'why?'" He said that even if God told us, we'd disagree with Him anyway. I thought that was an interesting outlook.

    I agree with you regarding Job. I don't think focusing on something like that is worth while. I know the goal was sympathy, but the realization that we can never suffer as much as the Lord Jesus is what is most important. (Because He, being sinless, bore all of our sin in His body on the cross.) He has walked the road of pain before us and will guide us in what He has for us in every situation.

    You are right--you have been entrusted with much! I was just thinking about that fact before reading your blog. Rest in God's timing, in spite of the disappointments of the week. I have to believe God has big plans for your life that will be so honoring to Him!!!

    Much love,


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