Thursday, March 13

Two trips to the mall and now we're packing

This past weekend, whilst Lisa was gone, I had the opportunity to help someone out with a few laptop upgrades. This turned out to be slightly more tricky than I had planed for, but there is rarely the computer problem that does not untangle itself with a pit of extra, or prolonged, poking. Everything turned out fine and the 4 year old laptop is going to be good for another year or two.

In such cases as this, fixing things for friends and or family, I do not charge for my services as 1. it keeps me sharp and 2. I enjoy doing it. Often times however people will say thank you in different ways and show gratitude and sometimes a little "thanks" for the services I have rendered. (Not part of the bargain at all I might add. I fix/ repair/ replace because I enjoy it, not because (unlike Christmas) I am expecting something in return.)

Two paragraphs to say that the laptop owner showed her gratitude by blessing Lisa and I with a gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory. We headed down there (yes, two trips to the Bellevue Square Mall in one week... odds against that are astronomical) after Lisa picked me up from work and we enjoyed an apetizer, an entree, and a slice of cheesecake between the two of us... however it was more food than we could eat so we had Cheesecake factory apetizer, entree, and dessert again tonight. (Wow... one meal feeds 4 people... that justifies the cost a lot more... only we didn't pay for it, so never mind cost justification.)

We had a good time out relaxing after work and chatting about this and that. Then it was back home and to working out this and that for our road trip. (Affectionately dubbed "Cali-bound '08" by myself.) Tonight is a packing night. I have done my bit and am very tired from all that and a day at work. I'm going to be packing the car tomorrow so I think I will rest up tomorrow. Hopefully my Morrell "packing genes" won't fail me.

For those of you that might be wondering our small green friend who lives in a cage will be staying here at home while we're vacationing. Lisa's sister will be house sitting for us and watching over the little green wonder.

I am looking forward to the trip and everything that it represents. (not being in the hospital, etc) Thank you for your prayers and I would continue to appreciate them as we travel and see people. I also have an appointment mid-April to look at my insides and see how everything is doing.



  1. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Cheesecake Factory - the right place to go eat if one is trying to put on weight:-)

  2. Such an amazing problem--trying to gain weight. Ben, you're being very un-American, you know. Every other person I'm aware of is attending Weight Watchers! You could start a new group "Pound Packers," for those who just can't seem to find enough calories in their day to maintain a decent weight.

    So pack away those pounds as you visit frinds and relatives down south. We Christians do love to get together and eat!

    May the Lord bless and guide your trip, and may He use you and Lisa to be a great encouragement to everyone whose life you touch along the way.



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