Saturday, April 12

Last blogs...

Well, I hope you enjoyed the last two days worth of blogs. It's not easy or handy on time to do that new quantum blogging. I'll recap though for those of you that don't have a QB reader.

Last night (Friday) Lisa went out to a birthday party with a friend so to avoid sitting at home by myself all evening long I called up a friend and he came and rescued me. (Only 1 car in our household) We played some (collectible) card games, then some video games, talked tech, and generally did other things that make us certifiable geeks. It was a good time. (And I wasn't at home by myself)

This evening Lisa and I went with a few other people to a pub in down town Seattle for some "pub grub" and fun chatting it up with some friends we haven't seen in a while. Once again a good time was had and again, I was not home by myself. (Being as I can have a fairly decent time at home by myself, we (Lisa and I) have determined that that is a fairly good measure of how an evening fared. If I find myself wishing I was at home (by myself or otherwise) it's probably a good sign that the evening needs to wrap up. However "It was better than being at home" is a good way of also saying, "That was a nice evening! I enjoyed myself and my loaner tendencies didn't feel like exerting themselves!")

While I am not exactly a social butterfly I have worked on becoming more of one since I got married and now do such things as throwing parties ('Tween, etc) and planning other events where people get together and hang out.

Tomorrow will find us sitting in Safeco field for a couple of hours watching the Mariners (probably) sweep the Angels. AND (thank the Lord!) it looks like it will most likely be cloudy, which means that the mid-day game will not burn me to a crisp! It will be a double adventure as well because we are going to try taking the bus and being "Metro Natural".

Healing has continued slowly. Shingles, or what remains of the little buggers, buzz occasionally. (Maybe once every day or two) Thank you for the prayers of healing for that. I think it is going along nicely. Praise the Lord.

Physical rough time on Monday morning coming up, could use prayer for that. Then a mentally rough time on Wednesday evening. I could also use prayer for that.



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