Sunday, April 13

A peeling Salad

I wasn't feeling well this morning and so I staid at home today. No church, no baseball game, no baseball stadium treats. I did however get some marvelous lay-down time here at home. Listened to a sermon from last week, caught up on Stargate SG1, and my father came over and helped figure out some electrical issues here at the condo.

The picture is the "Still life leftovers" of the fruit salad we had with dinner tonight.

Lisa has been keeping herself busy lately with some "deep cleaning" around the house. She came up with an interesting idea as well. Kind of a "work trade". She invited a couple friends over and they help her clean for a bit, and then she has scheduled times with them to go over and help them clean stuff. She, and her friends, have liked it so far because they can chat while they do the cleaning and learn a little bit about each other's cleaning secrets. It takes the boring out of cleaning from the sound of it. I'm pretty proud of her for her innovation and drive to clean.

Tomorrow morning I have my CT scan. Which means no eating starting in about an hour. I've been tired all day. I could use continued prayer for my weight as well. I weighed myself this morning and I have effectively lost weight. (Not good) Thank you for the continued prayers!



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