Monday, April 14

Tough Week, Part 1

Drink horrible contrast, get stuck with needle, and get body flooded with radioactive dye... Check.
Results of scan... Pending.

Thank you all for your prayers and support this morning. I had my scan at 10:30 and it went really well. The guy who did the IV had been doing it for 30 years and he did it WELL. Thus far the numbers look like this: Eastside Radiology 0, Central Radiology 2. In the past I have just felt abused coming out of those Eastside CT scans. (Which is probably why I fear and dread them as much as I do)The Central group does SUCH a better job it's not even funny. (Compare: Hour and a half to put in an IV after 3 attempts and lots of pain OR under 2 minutes and nothing worse than a blood draw prick.)

Appointment on Wednesday with the oncologist. We'll see if this craziness gets to start over again or if I'm free and clear until July for another follow up visit.



  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I am glad the scan went well. Praying for nothing to be seen and a sense of wonder from the doctors and nurses.

    Praise God for what ever the outcome.

    Dad/Pappa P

  2. Hey Boyo. I have my bible study along with lots of friends in Canada praying for you and Lisa. Hope to see you soonish...

  3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I hear ya with the CT scans. I get one done every year and I still dread it. The contrast drink is bad enough, but the IV makes you feel all hot with a metallic taste in your mouth and on top of that you feel like you gotta pee.

    I count it a blessing to follow your journey. You are a true testament to faith in our Lord, providing a great example of praising God during rough times.

    We lift you up in prayer regularly. May God continue to pour His blessings on you and your wife.


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