Wednesday, April 9

A slow week

It's Wednesday. Well, I guess it's almost Thursday at this rate. I've been enjoying a leisurely night here at home with Lisa.

Funny how some things have changed since chemo. Case in point: sinuses. Before I got sick I never really had to worry about such things as sinus pressure aside from a mild headache here and there. Now I get these tooth pounding, face pummeling, shoulder squeezing pains that last at least a day. I am kind of hoping that as my body heals up and I get stronger those will go away.

Looks like Lisa and I are going to a Mariner's game on Sunday! Don't know where we're sitting, or what the weather will be like, but we'll be there to watch the Mariners (hopefully) win over the Angels. (No reason to go and break my streak though with games, so even if they loose a good time will hopefully be had by all. (That's the point right?))

The coming home half way through the day is only partially working for me. The goal was to come home and take naps. Between phones ringing and my interest in "side projects" (or even normal work projects actually), I haven't been able to nap. (Or when I start to think about it it's time to go get Lisa.) I need to work harder on getting a nap when I get home and not putting it off. It'll make the next day a LOT easier.

I'm going to bed now. Thanks for the continued support. CT scan and Dr's visit next week. Please pray for strength for me for both events as I am already kind of starting to be more than a little anxious about it.


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  1. I'm wondering if you and Lisa received the book "Streams in the Desert" that I sent to you. It is an amazing little devotional. Each day seems to speak more and more to what you (and some of the rest of us) are going through with your cancer.

    Have fun at the game! Dad's going Saturday night w/ Gary. I KNOW they will have a great time. If you sit in the Massingill seats, watch out for balls!


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