Friday, April 25

A long road and a mini trip

Bellingham isn't quite worth the drive. I guess it's fine if you are going for a reason, say picking up your sister from school, but otherwise it's not what I would call a hot tourist destination. I mean it's probably great and just fine if you live 30 minutes away in the small little known town of "Sedro Woolly" but otherwise it's doesn't really seem worth the trek from Seattle. (or in my case Bellevue)

All this to say that I won't be buying a vacation home there anytime soon. Oh yeah, and any desire I had previous to today to travel by car, has been eliminated as well. I'm ok with flying.

I am really, really worn out this evening. I have a weekend of work ahead of me and I really hope I can pull it off without wearing myself completely thin. I covet your prayers.


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  1. I was just in Bellingham, Massachusetts, and it was also disappointing. Is a trend emerging here? Hmm...


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