Monday, April 28


This is my 1,401st post. If I remember correctly I've had issues blogging at other "milestones" of the blog. I think the connection between my fingers and my brain gets performance anxiety and they fail to function... OR more likely: I am doing something that takes up way too much of my time.

Like trying to get better. You know having a lowered immune system is pretty lame. I worked at installing a new server at Lisa's company this weekend and I think I was already getting sick before I started that, and today I had to go in and answer questions and help a bit, but it was painful. My face has been hurting almost all day. It's strange to me that this never happened before the chemo. I don't know if it's a low immune system thing, or if the chemo tweaked something in my body that makes my sinuses freak out (painfully) whenever the weather changes or I get the slightest hint of a cold.

I could you some prayer on that front. Face healing.



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