Wednesday, April 30


If this last year has taught me anything (and let me tell you, it has) it would be that when a strange pain happens in my body (IE: My back hurts! I don't remember lifting anything...) that I should pay attention to it and shell out the 20 bucks to go see a paid medical professional who can look me over and say something like, "Hmmm, that's strange, lets run some tests... yep it's _____________ (insert life changing medical stuff here)" That scenario is always better than say something like this: "Hey, my back hurts for some strange reason... oh now I'm dead."

This is my public safety announcement. If you have medical insurance and have a strange pain, follow up on it. It might be God's subtle way of trying to tell you something.

Speaking of pains, I went to the doctor this morning about my face pain and the doc poked, prodded, asked me lots of questions and looked over scans from the past couple months and came to the conclusion that she didn't know what was wrong with me. While it feels like a sinus pain I don't have any other symptoms of a sinus infection. She also didn't see any symptoms of allergies. One thing she suggested was that sometimes chemo can cause nerve damage. (Which could explain the pain) She didn't know much about that, so I think I'll follow up with my oncologist and see what he has to say about that.

I am feeling better this evening, thank you for your prayers. I am hoping to be able to sleep through the night tonight!



  1. Ben, you scared me with that title. You probably weren't aware, but PSA is a name for a prostate cancer test (they test for levels of prostate-specific antigen in your body), so here I was thinking they found cancer elsewhere. I was relieved to find it was only a "public service announcement". Hopefully you're able to determine what's causing the face pain. We'll be praying for you!

  2. Oh, I thought "PSA" sounded familiar. One of our missionaries is dealing w/ prostate cancer and that's where I've heard it.

    Cancer does give that wake-up call to get things checked out. Every woman who has been diagnosed w/ breast cancer is a strong proponent of mammograms. It's just one of those things you got to do (if you're a woman...).

    Glad the face pain is lessening. We've been praying the God would take that away.

    Hope the Exchange server issue is better!


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