Wednesday, April 23


"When going through hell, keep on going."
-Winston Churchill
Yesterday's entry started out as a reminder about seasons and I ended up quoting (although it was at the top of the page) a phrase that I feels like sums up my life sometimes. Lisa will ask, "What are you thinking?" and sometimes "nothing" is a very valid answer.

In that series again I found the above Winston Churchill quote half a year ago or so and I thought it really spoke to my situation. Even though I was, am, and could be, going through a tough time (the more earthly version of "hell", much less the real thing.) God has given me the strength for right now to keep on going. That is a major "take away" (a nod there to you corporate lingo types (MS'er I'm looking at you)) from this illness has been to work on today. God will give me the strength to face next week... when I get to next week. Right now He's giving me the strength I need for now. He's outside of time, but I am not.

I also found this quote inspirational because sometimes when I have been faced with some of this cancer treatment I honestly don't want to go on sometimes. This past week when I was thinking about possibly having to go through chemo again I was kicking around the idea a time or two of seriously rejecting the "treatment". I don't have to make that choice this time around, and God knows what is best for me. So at this point I will continue to strive on this earth until He gives me further notice.

Thanks very much for the continued prayers and support. Still pretty weak these days, and tired, but excited by some of the work I am doing and that God is allowing me to do! Pray for continued healing!


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  1. I love that quote. Through this past year, I've often thought that God doesn't give us even a whole day to deal with--He gives us the moment we're in.

    Pray for Scott & Julie LaFramboise, a couple in (I'd guess) their early 30's at CBC. Scott was just diagnosed w/ stage 4 lymphoma. They have a 3 and 4 year old. He'll start chemo this week. Doesn't that just hit you in the gut? We KNOW what they are going through. We certainly know how to pray. Life is hard...but God is always faithful.

    I'm so grateful for this time of recuperation for your body.


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