Tuesday, April 22


"Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit."
It's fairly obvious to see, if you take the time to look around, that there are "seasons" in life. Much like the seasons of the year so we can see the comings and goings of things as they enter our lives and then leave again. I just wrapped up a season in my life with rounds of chemo, surgery and radiation. I can't say that was a pleasant season in my life, kind of like a harsh Wisconsin winter (Nod to Rob and Jessie there), it's not really something you wanted to go through, or ever want to face again, but it makes the coming Spring that much brighter.

In a kind of funny turn I was thinking about seasons today as I was working and driving around. Music has been a kind of "season marker" for me this past year. I do a lot of music listening in the car but I am trying to branch out and listen other places as well. (I didn't REALLY buy an iPod for the music...)

My music markers look something like this: Hearing I had cancer and half-way through chemo I listened to a lot of praise music to remind myself of God's faithfulness. I stopped listening to music then for a while, probably really until I started radiation. Then I would listen to Classic King FM (Radio) on the way to and from radiation. (I tried listening to the Classic Radio station again just recently and I found myself thinking about radiation. (It'll probably be a while before I listen again.)) Then up until just recently I was listening more to NPR mainly because it wasn't too loud.

As I was driving home tonight from hanging out with the guys (bowling) I was going along in silence and realized that I enjoyed driving in the quiet and I enjoyed being in "my own head". I think I spent a lot of time trying NOT to be in my own head this past year for fear of thinking about cancer too much. It's good to be back in my own head. I think I missed me.

Anyway, I am driving up north this Friday to pick up my sister from school and I think I will make part of the trek up in silence. Uninterrupted head time. Me and road noise. Maybe the occasional rain-drop hitting the windshield. (sounds like camping)

Thank you for the continued support. I appreciate it.



  1. "...umm what's with the bug and the leaf?" First thing that popped into my head after reading that and then looking at the bear again. Unrelated? Or just sittin' around in the sun?

    (The quote is from Emperor's New Groove just in case you were off yours for a bit...)

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    There Beth, I added the quote I was thinking of at the end of this post. Maybe it'll make more sense now.

    AND, the REAL quote is, "Ummm what's with the chimp and the bug?"


  3. "Can we get back to ME now?"

    :) yes, good ol' Emperor's New Groove. This was the scene my sisters told me about when they were trying to convince me that it really was a funny movie and that I had to see it.

  4. I often prefer to drive with no radio on. It's usually a really nice time to talk to the Lord. There's so much "noise" in this world that tries to drown out His voice.

    Praise God for the seasons He provides!!


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