Sunday, April 20

TTC Gala weekend

This weekend was eventful... but only really in the Taproot sense of things. Not much else happened outside of that.

Friday was went and saw the current play, "Doubt" and enjoyed the delightful acting by my bosses wife and the other 2 actors. Saturday was the TTC Gala. We all got dressed up (see picture) and enjoyed food from "Wild Ginger" and a little tour of what TTC does on a daily basis with our host, Grant Goodeve. It was a good evening and we all had fun and Taproot ended up beating the financial goal they had for fund raising for the evening.

Tomorrow it's back to working part-time and trying to get over this cancer stuff!



  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Yes... the secret is out, Lisa DOES have glowing blue super powers. We've tried to hide this for SO long, but well, here it is.


  2. Wow...that's really impressive! Can she do anything special with her powers besides glow blue?

    I have the power to shut my eyes in all pictures taken of me.

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM


    Looks like you and Lisa had a great night out. It's a joy to see your smiles :-) I love you both. Have a great week together!

    _Uncle Mick_

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Congratulations on your clear CT scan. The words of 'no evidence of disease (NED)' always sound like music to the weary ear. My son was able to have an 8 month 'remission' and it was wonderful.

    Wishing you comfort and peace and continued no evidence of this rotten disease.

    Patty R


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