Friday, May 16

Caspian or Narnia 2: The musical

I've heard some complaints over the new Narnia movie recently (ok, just the past 24 hours, but that is still recently) and I wanted to say that after seeing it tonight I think of the two this one is better than the first one. The details however seem to really come down to things as small as taste in movies. (It's like claiming that Strawberry is a better flavor than Chocolate. Both are excellent flavors, but it kind of depends on what you like in your ice creamed confection.)

The movie is a little darker than the first one, but I also think it had more laughs as well. On top of that I liked the "musical" ending to the movie. I felt like it gave a nice transition from one place to another.

I liked it and if it wasn't for all the other movie's coming out soon I would be tempted to go back and see it in the theater again. Caspian has never really ranked very high for me in the whole of the Narnia series and after tonight, having seen the movie done so well, I am quite excited to see how "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" will be. (Gotta hold out 2 years on that one!)

I wanted to share that with all of you so you can go out and enjoy it as well!



  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Thanks, Ben! I probably would go to see it no matter what I heard, but it's nice to see a good review from someone who has read the books.

  2. Hey Ben and Lisa!
    Thanks for the movie review! Lee and I are planning to see it this weekend as part of our 30th wedding anniversary celebration!
    We are so rejoicing with you and Lisa on all God has done for and through you this last year. We occasionally update our little church about your health struggles (and now victories!), and what a blessing you have been to so many through this part of your journey together.
    Continued love & prayers from Newport,
    Chris (Joel & Shelley's Mom)


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