Monday, May 26

Horses and BBQs

Don't worry, this Memorial Day's festivities does not include cooking horse meat. Yesterday Lisa and I went with Katie and Nate (for Katie's birthday) to Emerald Downs. Horse racing is something that I myself have enjoyed a time or two on TV when the Kentucky Derby was on. No one informed me however that in person horse races are 98% waiting for something to happen and 2% waiting for that something to end. While it was an interesting experience I will not be going back again. I guess the "fun" part comes from betting. I know nothing about horses, or even really the statistics which drive the odds, so I didn't feel like I could "bet" with any consistency or knowledge, and "blind betting" is not my idea of a good time. Lisa gave it a shot, but we didn't win anything. (no real surprise there) I think from now on I'll stick to televised races where I can also do something else during the race.

We also saw Indiana Jones last night. It was a good action film and a lot of good shots and what-not, but the "old indy" took some getting used to. I think my movie ranking for this summer so far is as follows:
  • Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  • Indiana Jones
  • Iron Man
I'll continue to update that list as I see movies this summer so you can tell where you and I fall on the movie scale in regards to one another.

Today Lisa and I will be at two BBQ's. What better way to start off the "BBQing Season" than by doing two in one day? Honestly it's all about hanging out with other people and seeing them though. I missed that a lot last year. (Well, and the food... I missed the food as well.)

Health wise, I continue to mend. My muscles seem to be almost always sore though... but I expect that is because I am continually asking more and more from them. I assume when I get back some of my original strength that the general soreness will go away. I am also thinking about starting up some exercise as well. At this point it won't be anything spectacular... probably a few songs a day on the Xbox's "Dance Dance Revolution." (If you don't think that is exercise you haven't tried it.)

I would appreciate your prayers for continued healing. Also, a reminder that you can come out and celebrate with Lisa and I next Sunday as we celebrate "Ben's Cancer Free" party.

Also another prayer request, Lisa's cousin, the one who has breast cancer and was pregnant, had her baby on Saturday. He was a month early and it sounds like he'll be in the hospital for a week or two. Sounds like everyone is positive that he will make it through though. Congratulations to the new parents! Please continue to pray for her cancer treatments and the new baby! (I had problems with just cancer treatments, I can't imagine adding a new baby to that mix.)

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    sounds like your getting your strength back slowly but surely. just don't try to over due it. 2 bbq's in 1 day score, lol


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