Tuesday, May 27


I have been interested in "professional" blogging for some time now. However making it in the blogging world (without other jobs) is about as likely as becoming a movie star or a rock star. (Hence the term "blog star"... errr, or not) I don't know anyone personally who makes their living doing this, nor (i guess) do I happen to know anyone who actually makes ANY money doing this. The idea to a successful blog is that you have a topic. (Usually pretty "niche") that you can tackle and then you hope people will read it. Case in point: 802.heaven (this blog) is all about me. It's a niche market and you folks seem interested enough in me to stick around and see what I am up to. Other people might write about me, like my wife, but I pretty much have the corner market on me. Another, more broad subject, however can be covered by many different people in many different ways. However, the more you know about something the better your odds are of being able to write a post a day, or possible several, about your topic.

All this to say that I am attempting to make a leap to someone who helps run a semi-specialized blog. (That isn't about me.) (aside: I sound so narcissistic when I talk about blogging about me so much.) My boss at NSB and I have decided to start up theFundless.com (The Fundless) in an effort to help and assist other nonprofit IT peoples of the world. Nonprofit IT'ing is something we know a thing or two about and it's something we enjoy doing and have a passion to do.

We pretty much started last week so please forgive the lack of content should you check us out. I feel we are off to a good start and it allows me to get my technical blogging needs out without interrupting this blog's topic... namely, me.

Oh, yes, effectively the POINT of this post was to tell you that I've fired up a Twitter account for the new blog. (it's called "Microblogging", but those of you who have Facebook will know it as "status changes".) Twitter is kind of addicting I must admit. You can follow my "updates" (IE: Tweets) here. (also adding link to the top)



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