Sunday, May 4

Sun and lunch (picnic remix)

Following church today, as the weather was "nice" (sunny and mid-50's) we grabbed some lunch at the local grocery store and picnic'd at a nearby park. We sat on a bench, in the sun, chatted about life, and watched the male ducks chase around the one (single?) female duck in the pond. (6 drakes for every duck)

The odds in the pond for the female ducks were about the same as a guy might get in going to a private Christian college. (Like SPU for instance.) I found it funny as well that a couple ducks fell asleep on the water in front of us and when the wind blew it gently pushed the ducks around the pond. These ducks must not have a lot of "natural" predators to worry about.

In fairly unrelated bird news Niko went to the vet on Saturday and every time I take him in there I hear how he's the "nicest and sweetest" Eclectus Parrot they have the pleasure of working with. (He's reading over my shoulder right now... I had to type something nice.) His, wings, beak, and talons are all shorter now, and odds are good he'll be very nice for the next week at least. (I think Lisa found it was the same for me and doctors as well. I tended to be much more clingy for about a week after I got home from the hospital. Same theory I guess: "I'll be good, don't take me back there!")

Thanks as always for the continued prayers! Lisa is putting together a "Ben's Cancer Free celebration" so keep your eyes and ears peeled (ewwww) for details on that. And if you don't get them please email me and I will gladly get them to you.



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