Wednesday, May 21

Take the car

I spent the day at home today as kind of an "HQ" tech center because Lisa needed the car today. I haven't spent a whole day at home (other than weekends) since coming back from vacation two months ago. I think it was good to have the day to "myself" as it were. It gave me a chance to think about some things that I would like to be doing in the future as well as some things to do in my free time.

I still have a commitment to blogging, but I would really like to expend that into something else. Maybe a blog where I wasn't the only writer and it focused on a special topic. I was asked to help a nonprofit out with some blogging in reference to my health, my job and some other things I learned about life this past year, but I sat down to write about some things I had learned and honestly I still think that I am too close to it at this point to write up any kind of "summary" of this past year. I sat here for a while and typed and the wound was still a little raw to go looking deeply at it.

So WHEN I start blogging about it more in depth and not on this site I will let you all know about it.

Now, to dinner...


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  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Days at home are the best! I have enjoyed the last four days straight at home welcoming our newest addition to our family. I take 'em whenever I can get 'em.


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