Sunday, June 8

A photo start

Thus far it's been a "new" weekend for Lisa and I. Friday night we started our careers as High School staffers by joining the event "Urban Expedition". (We went all over down town Seattle in a photo scavenger hunt.) Possibly needless to say that is more walking than I have done in a year and a half and it left me a little tired. We got a taste for the group however and had a good time doing it. We're looking forward to more later today.

Saturday we went to church and heard a great sermon preached by Steve Allen. (I'll link to the sermon once it goes live. It is REALLY worth a listen.) I'd like to post some commentary on it when it's live so you can listen to it and compare notes with me. After church they had some food out and we hung around and chatted with friends for a bit.

This morning we're going to go to the HS group and try to look like Staff people. (Ryan has been doing it for a while now, so I guess I can give it a try.)

Health wise things continue to roll on. I get stronger (I can't imagine walking around Seattle even a few months ago) and the Lord continues to show me what He wants me to do. I was realizing last night that I am someone who tends to find inspiration from other people. Things that have happened in my life (battling cancer) has been tough, and something that God has blessed me with the strength to get through, but I don't draw inspiration from that. It's part of who I am, and as such I have the whole view of how it has effected my life. I get inspiration from other people around me. I get inspired by what Steve said last night, and even so much as the guy leading worship last night. I've known him for a long time and I've seen him (from a distance) go through some kind of rough times, or "slow points" in his spiritual life, and to see him leading worship like he did last night was really inspiring to me. It's a way I can see God moving.


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  1. ...and, ya know, people are equally being inspired by you as you walk the path the Lord has set before you.

    Keep walkin'!


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