Wednesday, June 4

Happy Birthday... a little early...

My half birthday doesn't roll around until July 10th, so I haven't made it halfway through 26 yet (interesting... I feel like the first half of the year always goes slower than the 2nd half...) but today I received three birthday cards!

Today Karen Lund handed me a little gift bag and it had 3 cards in it. One celebrating my 30th birthday, and a note on how scared we all were "a couple of years ago" when I had cancer. The next card celebrates my 60th birthday and says some nice things about my wife and the children I have. The final card was a (most likely) belated 90th birthday card.

I wanted to thank Karen for her thoughtfulness and creativity to encourage me through the next 64 years of life. It made me smile and I think perhaps I will try to keep these cards for the rest of my life. (I've tried to keep all the "cancer support" cards I have gotten this past year as well)

Thank you for believing that God has much more in store for me. Seriously all of your support has lifted me when I felt the darkest!


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  1. Wow, Karen, if you're reading this, you made me cry. How very creative and thoughtful. Great idea!!! (...and one I'll probably repeat w/ others in the future!)

    Thank you for encouraging us all!



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