Wednesday, June 4

What's for dinner? (beef)

This past week a hope of mine from being sick has started to become realized again. I am no longer too weak where I cannot do a full day of work AND come home and do some cooking. Thus since I have gained some strength back (thank you for your prayers) I have been in the kitchen a little more this week.

Last night Lisa and I made a kind of "Asian Chicken" where we breaded the chicken, fried it a bit, then cooked up some onion and peppers and covered it all with a glaze. Good stuff!

Tonight we went "all out" I made steak in our dutch oven (nothing like cast iron to put a really nice "char" on the outside of meat!), and I made up a kind of warm potato salad type thing using red potatoes, sour cream, tapenade, garlic, salt and pepper which turned out pretty good. Lisa went ahead and made a Morrell family favorite, Yorkshire Pudding. She makes it off the recipe my mom gave her and she does it perfectly! (Good stuff) Round that meal out with some peas and you almost have a "Morrell Classic" meal. (Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding)

In (possibly unrelated news) I am up 14 pounds over my "radiation weight"! In fact today someone commented that I looked fat. (I think the idea was fat(ter) than a couple months ago. (Working around actors can lead to some interesting things being said...))

I covet your prayers as June has started. I hope to enjoy this summer a little more than last summer's "lets stay in (a) bed-a-thon." Thank you all for your prayers, I couldn't have gotten this far without them!



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