Tuesday, July 8

Memory Lane(s)

This afternoon I added some gray hairs to my head when I thought I was checking the server status of a Google feature and instead ended up telling it to reset my password. This freaked me out because the "Backup" email address that Gmail has on record is my SPU email account. This wouldn't be too bad EXCEPT that my SPU account forwards to my gmail account. I was looking at having to wait 5 days to send the reset request again. I was a little panicky for a bit as I frantically searched around for another way to get into my account. Thankfully I had my gmail account open in another place and it had already downloaded the mail and not checked synced up with the new password. I was able to get to a link to change the password and all was ok.

That adventure led me to the SPU website (I was hoping I could rescue something from my email address) where I saw a link to a story about Dr. Owen Ewald (my favorite teacher at SPU) teaching classics at SPU. Out of curosity I Googled his name and much to my surprise a blog entry I had written back in October of 2004 about the first week of life at SPU comes up in the top 10. Crazy. (Lisa: You should mention obscure semi-famous people more often!)

It was a lot of fun to read over that post again. Sometimes it surprises me that I have over six years of content here and how little I go back and look at it. Maybe at the end of the summer I'll make it a point to browse over the archives again and see if I can't discover a little more about myself.

I kind of got a job offer today as well... it just happens to not be in this state.

I'm off to San Juan island after work tomorrow. Posting might be few and far between. I'll bug Lisa to post at least once while I am gone!

Thanks for the continued prayers!



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