Monday, July 7


Erik has returned from Darfur and doesn't look any worse for his experience. He seems to be happy to be back at work and fixing problems in a much cooler climate. (I think it was crazy cool how his wife met him at the airport with Mt. Dew and Rice Krispy Treats (his 2 most favorite snack foods))

I'm doing a semi short week as I head to the San Juan islands with my folks to hang out with the extended family for a bit. I don't know if I will have any form of internet access, but I will try to update. Maybe I'll have Lisa take over for a bit while I am gone.

I am also planning a trip with Ryan to the peninsula next week as well, so lots of interesting pictures from that trip.

Thanks, as always, for the prayers. Lisa's grandfather's memorial is going to be sometime soonish as well which will be sending us to the Southern Bay Area for a weekend as well.


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  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Friday Harbor is not too far from civilization. There is a nice cafe in town with free wifi. We can go get a cup of coffee and surf.



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